Cinéma Guimbi, Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Construction of a cinema de 2 salles on the place of an old outdoor theater, in the second town of the country. Capacity : 400 seats. A cafe-maquis, with terrace, a masterclass room under the net of the roof, hanged gardens. A cinema in the nice town of Bobo Dioulasso, at the crossroads of interior Africa. Owner: Association de Soutien du Cinéma au Burkina Faso / M. Berni Goldblat ; Pilotage projet : Lili Auderset ; Bio Archi, execution architect ; BET Gaudillat, Structure engineering ; BET Innovation Fluides, HVAC/Elec/Plumbing engineering; AAB, acoustic engineering. Progress status: In works. Target of delivery : Autumn 2017.






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