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Parisian appartment

Restructuring and renovation of an parisian appartement 120m2.
Budget : 150k€. Delivery : July 2016

Duplex, Paris

Transformation of artist workshop into 3 bedrooms flat, reconstruction of mezzanine, rebuiling of a chimney and façades. Layout distributed by storage volumes, minimizing walls. Budget : 200k€ HT. 150m2. Delivery : July 2016

Appartment in Marais quarter, Paris

Appartement renovation in XVIIe century building, in the historic quarter Marais in Paris. Rstructuration, furnitures, structure reinforcements. Architect AAL / Marine Le Couteur project manager. General contractor : Haider Tech. Area : 52m2. Budget : 180k€. Delivered in dec 2014.

8 apartments, Bagnolet

Housing building, a cafe with music scene underground. Owner : private. A pure white façade, a metallic bottom, a garden roof. Progress status : authorization. Delivery : 2015

House-village, Almadies quarter, Dakar

Theme of the house-village : each of one has his own house, his roof, his floors, and everybody join by the groundfloor spaces, but also by the roof-garden. Area 350m2.
Team : AG2D Eric Mulot, executive architect ; Design 6 Chlotilde Fruhauf, landscaping; Gaudillat, BET Structure ; Coreex, BET ventilation.
Delivery : autumn 2015

Rehabilitation of the Manufacture des Alumettes in Trélazé, France.

104 housings in a factory rehabilited and construction of 50 new housings. Masterplan conception with landscaping. Competition winner team : AAL, La fabrique Urbaine, urban planner, Betom, engineering office ; Sativa, landscapers, Studio Ad Hoc, artist. Progress status : Preliminary studies. Client : Podeliha.

Lofts Building, Casablanca, Morocco
Building with 28 contemporary housings, nearby the french lycee Lyautey in Casablanca. 1965m2. Oct 2012

Appartment in Paris 17e
Transformation works of an appartment. 112m².
Complete mission. March 2012

Immeuble de logements, Belleville, Paris
Lofts building with activity area on groundfloor. Conception with deck-entrance. Private owner. Architects assistants : Jonathan Vincent. Progress status : preliminaries studies.



Social housing in Paris
Maître d'Ouvrage : SIEMP (Town of Paris)
Complete mission. Status : delivery

Private house in Cachan (Val de Marne)
Construction of a house with wooden structure, grass roof, on the hill of Cachan.
Area 250 m²/budget works 500 k€

Status : Works in progress. Delivery : July 2009

Housing building and commercial activity, Le Perreux (93)
Private construction. 9 flats, with roof garden. Area : 750m²
Complete mission. BET Strutures : Negru, BET Fluides Eccob.
Statuts : works starting.

Private house near Marrakech, Morroco
Area 500 m². Progress status : preliminary studies.

Private house near Casablanca, Morroco
Area 750 m². Progress status : preliminary studies.

Mekong house, Phnom Penh, Cambodge
Private house, 400m², on the riverside of Mekong, in Phnom Penh suburb.

Design of a double level loft in montmartre, Paris
Maître d'Ouvrage : Films 13 (Claude Lelouch) -
Studio for writing and production meetings - 400m2 / 1.3m€
Complete mission : interior design and furnitures
Delivered in November 2007
Private house near Avallon
Contemporary renovation of an old farm
Budget : 200.000 € - 200m²
Complete mission - Delivery in July 2005
Private house in Malakoff
Budget : 150.000 € - 150m²
Complete mission - Delivery in sept. 2002