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Health, offices & industrial

Coton factory, Kadiolo, Mali

New generation of industrial plant layout with factory and offices buildings, landscape. Area: 13 000m2 over a 25ha land. Status : in works. Delivery 2017

Day nursery in Saulx-les-Chartreux
Construction of day nursery, for 40 children for the town of Saulx-les-Chartreux.
Economist : ECRH, Structure engineering: AR&C, Fluids engineering : Inex. Project manager : Antoine Begel, Quan Vu, Jonathan Vincent. Status : Complete studies. Delivery 2011.
Immeuble 4D / Bureaux à Casablanca, Maroc 
Design for an office building in Casablanca. Environnementales performances reached by a principe of façade with a maximum of shadow on glasses, to decrease the temperature imports in the interiors. Area 2000m².
Preliminaries studies.
Extension of LEONI industrial plant, in Bouznika, Morocco
8.500m² extension of a factory building (15.000m²).
Missions : Project management, architect, enginering.
Partners : Architect in Morocco : Archi-Plus, Elec & HVAC enginering :
BET Nombret, Structure enginering : BETAB.
Budget 3.2 M€ - Dlivery in september 2008. Status : construction works.

Training & Technical center
BPB Placoplâtre & Isover (Saint-Gobain)

Training center for contractors, products show-room,
meeting rooms, offices.
Economiste : AEI, BET Structures : AR&C, BET Cap Ingelec, Acousticien : Peutz. Area : 2200m² - budget : 3.700 k€ - Delivered in Novembre 07

NGO Emmaüs headquaters, Montreuil
Refurbish and arrangement of a R+6 building.
Offices, meetings and press rooms, guesthouse,
Economiste : ECRH, BET Structures : Equerre, BET Fluides : Cap Ingelec.
Araa : 2.000m², budget : 1.900 k€. Status : works. Delivered in April 08.

Entrance house of the Vaujours industrial plant
BPB Placoplâtre & Isover (Saint-Gobain)
Staff and public reception, security desk of the plant.
Landscape design for the site entrance. The design of this pavillon will be an urban sign to the company.
Economiste : AEI, BET Structures : AR&C, BET fluides : Cap Ingelec,
Area : 220m². Budget : 330 k€ - Delivered in May 08

Municipality technical departement and housing, Champcueil (Essonnes)
Transformation of an old farm into municipality services, first phase in the creation of a cultural place, set in the country development strategy.
Economiste : ECRH. Area : 250m² Budget : 350k€
Status : coinstruction works.

Retirement house in north of Paris
Construction of a retirement house, with daily services, health center.
Maître d'ouvrage : Villa Beausoleil
Economiste : ECRH, BET Structures : AR&C, BET fluides : Cap Ingelec
Area : 4700 m², budget 5.200 k€. Status : Delivered.
Retirement house in north of Paris
Refurbish of the Léopold Mourier foundation, extension with health center.
Area : 4700 m², 80 beds, budget 5.000 k€
Maître d'ouvrage : Villa Beausoleil. Status: delivered