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145, rue de Belleville 75019 Paris

Mehdi Cheriaa, architecte
Camille Deslandes, architecte
Goulven Jaffres, architecte
Alessio Mazzucchi, architecte
Mélodie Valério, architecte

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Biography Jean-Marc lalo




Architectes who worked on projects of office :

Thomas Ambroselli, Romarick Atoké, Laura Amé, Romarick Atoké, Antoine Bégel, Yasmine Benmessabih, Naïké Brantus, Alexandre Dreyssé, Younès Diouri, Gérard Farran, Sabine Ferraris, Magali Genet, Goulven Jaffres, Marine Le Couteur, Marie Janin, Delphine Lottin, Valentin Mazet, Irène Noundjio, Julie Fuillet, Agathe Le Bihan, José Pauriche, Giulia Perino, Audrey Raminadriosa, Isabelle Raymondo, Anastasiia Ryabkova, Dimitri Roussel, Loïc Ruffat, Maud Udin, Mélodie Valério, Jonathan Vincent, Quan Vu, Yang Li

office managers, graphists :

Irène Noundjo, Naïké Brantus, Sabine Ferraris, Magali Geney, Bahman Panahi, Isabelle Sadethane,

Architecture is a crossing of cultures and worlds, a unique superimposition of a place, a collective memory and an act of creation.

Each project is a meeting of persons, knowledge, customs; each operation implicates choices between dreams and realities; the choice of a future. Our interest in the creation of public places derives from a passion to offer urbanity pretexts, to increase sociability; it is a reflection of the incumbent need we feel to share the present in evocative places.

Atelier Architecture Lalo is principally active in the design and transformation of existing structures, for cultural projects or meeting places and in the design of hotels or accommodations reminiscent of reflections made over travels and of wonderful new tales of